SALES Research

soluções 360º para empresas

Direct and objective access to customers, markets and competition information for efficient management of your business. Supported by real time information and specific area knowledge. Exempt information about your business!

1. Recruitment of team members according to the desired profile;
2. Preparation of visit routes and activity planning;
3. Briefing about campaign mechanics, procedures and reporting;
4. Reporting platform tailored to the project, allowing all the collected information to be made available in a timely manner: visit report, data analysis and photos.

auditoria comercial


Auditores para gestão de POS (imagem l produto l normas) e verificação de acordos comerciais estabelecidos.

cliente mistério

Mystery Shopper

Equipas de Clientes Mistério para verificação do cumprimento de normas internas, campanhas e acordos comerciais.

recolha de dados

Data Analysis

Equipas para levantamento de informação: shopping, facings, concorrência, etc.